About Us

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about us

Eir Education specialise in recruitment and retention for all educational needs.

We currently operate with branches in the UK, Middle East and Asia enabling us to provide our schools and candidates worldwide with a personal service.

For our clients; we support their needs throughout the process and ensure our candidates pass compliance before introduction. Our consultants offer services (e.g. Sports coaching, Classroom support, etc.) to build a genuine relationship with our clients and become part of the education community. This provides us with a rich understanding of the candidates you require.

For Our Staff

For our staff; we will meet you in order to gain a true understanding of you as an individual and what you desire as a professional. This allows us to provide schools with an accurate account of you, as well as assisting us in finding the right profile jobs for you.

This process allows to match our schools with perfect teachers and our teachers with ideal schools.

Please feel free to contact us for all of your recruitment needs, the Eir Education Team looks forward to working with you!

Do not wait, create your account and join with us.

Our Approach

A Personal Approach

The Eir Education Team pride themselves on providing high quality service as education is pivotal to future success of the world and our candidates & clients are the providers of this success!

Focus on Community

The Eir Education Team aim to submerge themselves in your educational community. We offer services to our clients, such as sports coaching, to gain a deeper understanding of your community. This allows us to increase satisfaction and retention.

Successful Job Listings

From planning for the future to daily supply. Eir match clients and candidates successfully. Eir will only provide roles or candidates that are appropriate to you.

Career Focus

The Eir Education Team want you to grow. We want our candidates to develop and Eir helps you in this process through training and matching you with like-minded clients. This allows our clients, candidates and Eir to achieve growth & development.